Friday, September 14, 2012

enable curl in xampp

I was trying to setup WHMCS, a complete client management solution at localhost at the office. This thing needs cURL enabled before I can proceed to install the script. Because WHMCS is new to me and because my boss wants me to integrate WHMCS in their new website, so I need to use it and study how it works. But first, I must handle the cURL problem.
xampp.gifXAMPP as some of you may already know, it is an application that you can use to make your computer acts like a server. It is really useful if you want to play with PHP files, test scripts, do mySQL queries, etc. You also can run WordPress in XAMPP. Almost of the time I use XAMPP to develop and test my WordPress themes locally.
Ok, back to our discussion. To enable cURL in XAMPP is not that hard because everything was already been set in the configuration settings. You just need to un-comment cURL dll line in these three files.
Next what you need to do is search “curl” in these three files and remove semi-colon ( ; ) character from the line and save the files. But don’t forget to restart your Apache or it will not work. Good luck! 

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