Thursday, March 22, 2012

Google Search Tricks

Type the following highlited words in google search box.

fileformat: - Useful Google operator for finding specific file formats. Sometimes you know that the information you are looking for is likely to be contained in a PDF document or on a PowerPoint presentation, for instance. (i.e. “fileformat:.pdf market research” will search for PDF documents that contain the terms “market” and “research”)

allinurl: - Using this Google operator will limit the search to results  that contain the desired keywords on the URL structure. (i.e. allinurl:dailyblogtips)

link: - This google link operator allows you to find backlinks pointing to your site. Unfortunately the count is not updated frequently and  not all backlinks are shown

site: - This google operator can be used to see the number of indexed pages on your site (  Alternative it can also be used to search for information inside a specific site or class of sites.

info: - The google info operator will list the sets of information that    Google has from a specific website (i.e. info:

define: - This google operator will find definitions for a certain term or  word over the Internet. Very useful when you come across a strange word when writing a post. I use this as a google dictionary. example : (define computer)

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